HEALTHY IS DELICIOUS~ Following a diet based on whole, natural foods and avoiding overly processed foods leads to better health. Devour aims to prove healthy food tastes delicious.


We know our stuff...

Founder and owner Marisa Cole is a certified personal chef and is constantly devouring nutrition and health related research to ensure her menus bring you the latest and greatest in both nutrition bang and flavor combinations.



What this means is simple, straightforward food that is not muddled down with processing, additives and preservatives.

Pumped up Flavor

Many chefs use butter, salt, excess sugar and heavy cream as a crutch to flavor  foods. We make use of fresh herbs, spices and citrus to keep taste buds entertained and happy. Yes, we use salt and butter, but only in moderation, and when necessary for taste.

 Kid Friendly

All of our dishes are kid-friendly.  We promise your kids can (and will) enjoy veggies and develop a taste for healthy eating.  We’ve converted many a veggie-hater into craving steamed sugar snap peas, kale chips & caramelized cauliflower puree. Additionally, we adjust seasonings and spices to accommodate you and your family’s preferences.


The one pattern of eating we most try to emulate is a Mediterranean style. This includes loads of fresh produce, whole grains, nuts, seeds and herbs as well as clean seafood, dairy, local, grass-fed meats and healthy fats like olive oil and avocado. We also utilize a wide  variety of international flavor combinations to tantalize your taste buds.

Quality Ingredients

We strive to use highest quality ingredients. We take the extra step of cultivating relationships with  local butchers and fish mongers that are reputable and employ only the most sustainable butchery and fishing practices. We even visit local ranches and farms to source some  of the more specialized ingredients. All of our produce comes from organic, local farms unless you request otherwise. A few examples of high quality ingredients we love :

         •   free range, organic omega-3 eggs •  local, seasonal,  and organic produce when available •   local honey as a sweetener •  locally  sourced, organic, grass-fed beef •   sustainable  seafood  •


Worried about balancing carbs, protein, and fat? We've got you covered. Using the perfect combination of lean meats and vegetable sources for protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruits for fiber-filled carbohydrates, and heart-healthy fat sources, our dietitian-created menus are guaranteed to keep you satisfied. We will make sure that your path to better health will not mean sacrificing flavor!